Our cashmere has been hand picked, hand cleaned, and resewn into a fabulous garment that's as unique as you are. We work hard at finding high quality recycled cashmere and if you follow our instructions, your garment will last for a very long time! Also, as we grow and understand the wonderful world of cashmere, we'll pass down as many tips on how to preserve your cashmere as possible!


The best way to clean your cashmere garment is to cold water hand wash it with a fine fabric care product and lay it flat to dry. Simple.


Sooner or later, your sweater will accumulate some pilling - this has no bearing on the quality of the cashmere. All cashmere will have a virgin pilling at the very least. We have tried ALL the products out there to get rid of pilling and the BEST happens to be one of the cheapest! D-Fuzz-It® Sweater/Fabric Comb is super easy to use: hold the fabric taut with one hand and brush quickly and lightly with the other. Pilling be gone!!! We just happen to sell them on our site - and you get one free with an order of $75 or more!


Moths and bugs are attracted to dirt and oils left by stains and perspiration. They are the enemy! Make sure your cashmere is clean and stored in an air tight container when storing it in the off-season. The cleaner the cashmere, the less likely the moths will pester it. Moth traps strategically placed in your closet will also keep them away from your cashmere! If you DO find a moth hole, check out our APPLIQUE page! Our appliques were designed for YOU to reclaim your own cashmere!


Your sweater has been hand screen printed with plastisol ink. This ink will last a LONG, LONG time as long as you:

  • DON'T dry clean your printed sweater. The dry cleaning process dissolves the screen printed ink and will ruin the design.
  • DON'T iron directly on the design. The ink will melt on the hot iron. Please iron the garment inside out.