Who is the designer?
Eva Kisevalter. She is a devoted thrift shopper who cleverly combined her love of pop graphics with her addiction to cashmere to create Stella Neptune.

Why "Stella Neptune"?
Before she was a designer, Eva was a DJ back in the day when real records were played on real turntables. Her DJ name was and still is Stella Neptune. A stellar career in DJing just wasn't enough, so she started designing in between gigs and kept the Stella Neptune name to incorporate all her endeavors.

Why work with recycled clothing?
The thrill of the hunt turned into a lifestyle obsession that just happens to be a better way to make new things without feeling guilty about all the waste and excess in the world. The end result is creating eco fabulous designs.

Where do you get your recycled cashmere?
Well, that's a secret. What we CAN tell you is that each item is sourced, designed, sewn, and hand screen printed in LA. Everything is done within a 10 mile radius. It can't get any more local than that.

Do celebrities wear Stella Neptune?
Why, of course they do! But we don't sell and tell.